Work on the Oaks of Forest Glen, originally conceived as thirty-eight houses to be constructed on the west side of Apple Blossom Lane, began in 1993. However, the developer who had set out on the venture went bankrupt and the project was taken over by a new developer, Mr. Dennis Hess.

The following year, in July of 1994, Mr. Hess recorded the Declaration for the Oaks of Forest Glen at the Court House. He completed the 38 single-family homes originally planned for the area, known as Phase 1 and 2, in 1995.

Phase 3 and 4
During 1995, Mr. Hess presented his plans to develop Phase 3 and 4 of the Oaks of Forest Glen, which included 151 homes east of Apple Blossom.The new 65-acre tract would contain 14.399 acres of common ground and 32 streetlights for the new expansion, with most of the homes being built by Cliff Weaver of Landmark Builders in Ephrata. For reasons unknown, Mr. Hess decided to create a new Oaks Homeowners Association (since the Oaks of Forrest Glen HOA did not own street lights nor have any common ground, it is assumed that the original HOA formed by Mr. Hess was disbanded).

Restrictions and Covenants
On December 6, 1995, Mr. Hess recorded a new Declaration of Restrictions and Covenants for the Oaks of North Londonderry Township Homeowners Association (covering Phase 3 – 12 homes east of Apple Blossom Lane, later Amendments covered Phase 4A 60 homes, 4B 24; 4C 37 and 4D 18), a non-profit Corporation.

On June 3, 1996, Mr. Hess issued the By-Laws of the Oaks of NorthLondonderry Township HomeownersAssociation, which cover HOA procedures (elections, officers, and so on) but do not include “land use restrictions” like a Declaration.

The final phase, Phase Four "D" of the development, was completed in 2001 with the construction of 16 Townhouse homes and 2 Duplex homes. Therefore, the 151 homeowners east of Apple Blossom Lane belong to the Oaks of North Londonderry Township Homeowners Association, commonly called the “Oaks Homeowners Association” with 32 HOA-owned street lights and 14.399 acres of common ground. The common ground we maintain extends from the Oaks Sign on Apple Blossom Lane, behind Truman Street and Hickory Street, to the Pin Oak cul-de-sac.

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