Board Members

Current Board of Directors
President Betsy Jamison Elected April 2022 [email protected]
Vice President Kay Black Elected April 2023 [email protected]
Secretary Lauren McCullough Elected April 2021 [email protected]
Treasurer Bill Campoll Elected April 2023 [email protected]
Architechtural Control Committee Chairman Michael Wheeler (Interim)Appointed May 2023 [email protected]

HERE to see a History of people who served on the Oaks Board of Directors
To view a summary of the Board Member Responsibilities click here.

Standing Committees
Effective September 19, 2023 - The member of the Standing Committees are as follows:
Nominating Committee
Lauren McCullough, Chair
Ginny Campoll Linsey Lyons
Maintenance Committee Kay Black, Chair
[email protected]
Donna Centofanti John Hilla
Architectural Control Chair Committee Michael Wheeler, Interim Chair
[email protected]
Jane Zimmerman Bob Homisak
Mack Copeland